Slip-And-Fall Injuries And The Law

Nair & Levin P.C. is known for precise, ethical legal service. For injuries caused by slipping and falling, we are methodical about building a case with the principles of premises liability law. To help educate you, here are some questions that might help you further down the line.

What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability, at a basic level, is the promise that the places you go are safe. That means every business or residence you enter legally is safe. There should not be any hazards that a person can trip or slip on.

How Does My Accident Qualify?

If you were invited into a home or out shopping and you slipped and fell, injuring yourself, your accident could qualify. An important aspect of premises liability is whether the owner should have known about and either eliminated the hazard or warned visitors about it.

What Does A Slip-And-Fall Liability Accident Look Like?

There are many types of cases, but they could include:

  • A tenant tripping on a step that the property owner did not fix
  • A shopper slipping on a puddle of spilled water at the grocery store
  • A café owner not shoveling the walkway after a snowstorm

How Does Nair & Levin P.C. Pursue Slip-And-Fall Claims?

Our attorneys will focus on putting you and your injury at the center of the case and fully taking on the burden of your litigation. An injury can cause so many inconveniences for you and your family. When we work for you, we will take the steps needed to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us by email, or by calling our Bloomfield, Connecticut office 860-952-9836 to get one of our lawyers perspective on your case.

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